90 day intensive

Elevate for Evergreen

Unleash your business potential: the key to a profitable and scalable online coaching or consulting business

It's time to swap your business model for a high-converting evergreen model 

So you can have a simple, spacious, sustainable business that brings in year-round revenue, aligns with your energy and frees up your time

Why is this important for you

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Imagine this: You've been running your online business a while now, navigating the fast-moving, often unpredictable digital ocean.
You're showing up and doing all the do, but it still feels alarmingly unpredictable OR predictably busy. Your faithful social media following and mailing list, once growing at a delightfully fast pace, are now getting about as much interaction as a mime at a radio show. And your diary? Most the time you don’t have space to work on your scale plan, and when you do, you’re usually head down in live launch mode and hoping for the best. 
If the constant challenge of nurturing your growing business without a big team at your disposal has left you frazzled, or if you've ever gazed at your screen and wondered if there might be a more efficient, less stressful route to success, I have a solution with your name all over it.
why am i the one to share it with you

Hello there, I'mPolly

An experienced marketer and facebook ads expert who swapped corporate boardrooms for the freedom of being an entrepreneur in the online business world. As the founder of The One Academy, I've refined a unique formula to simplify online business growth. Since launching it in late 2021, we've generated multi six-figures in sales annually. No busy diary (urgh!), no missing kids' bedtimes. I simply leveraged my unique scaling strategy, and it was like hitting the jackpot. I LOVE seeing my clients taking the same strategy, running with it, and generating £30k months within months.

What's the opportunity

Ever thought about catching a golden opportunity that could reshape your business? Well, you are reading the right Document!

My 90-day intensive isn't just any programme. It's your permission slip to stop bareback horse riding your way through business. We’re going to reshape your business. It's your personal business gym, providing the tools to flex your business muscles, reel in more leads, and close sales without having to squat for them.

Do you need any more analogies?

What's the result ( Case study)

Are you ready for this? In the first year of going evergreen, I more than doubled my revenue. It's the business equivalent of digging in your garden and finding buried treasure. The number of “not right now” clients that now felt activated to work with me was amazing..
Let me also tell you about Harriet, a fellow entrepreneur. After turning her optimised group programme evergreen, her programme applications increased dramatically, giving her a fully booked group programme on a monthly basis. Attracting £160k to her pipeline over 8 months, without one live launch! 
You can learn more about my clients experiences working with me here.

What's the story

There was a time when I noticed online business owners like yourself were trapped in the overwhelm of digital business expansion. 
Whether it was getting overwhelmed running online memberships, struggling to sell online courses, juggling the intensity of live launching or getting fully-booked with 1:1s and realising it didn’t leave much breathing space. Not to mention, the thought of scaling their business without multiplying their team or hiring an expensive ads manager was as daunting as not having the business at all. 
So, fuelled by the success my 7-figure clients had already experienced with evergreen funnels (which I continue to support to this day), I rolled up my sleeves and dove headfirst into creating an evergreen roadmap. Today, that roadmap is tried and tested - with some astounding results - and I would love to be your co-driver.

What's the solution

My solution is a three-pronged approach that begins with 'Your Profitable Group Programme', using your existing programmes;/courses/1:1 expertise to re-engage with your existing audience and maximise ROI. We understand the importance of nurturing your existing customer base, and our strategy ensures they aren’t neglected in the pursuit of new leads.
The second step is to build a lead gen/nurture funnel that is steeped in sales psychology. Finally, we launch and automate, ensuring a consistent influx of fresh leads, and keeping your business buoyant and prosperous.

What's the gap

You may currently have an overwhelming offer suite, be tired of live launching or working long long hours working 1:1. You may also be managing a small, overworked team. Your marketing is failing to generate consistent inquiries or sales. You're aware of the urgent need to scale your business but are unsure how to do so without hiring a bigger team or running ads and increasing your overheads. In other words, you're at a crossroads, needing to grow your business without overstretching your resources or yourself. This is the gap our programme aims to bridge.

What's the solution detailed

Our solution is like receiving a personalised toolkit specifically designed to streamline your business. In this kit, you'll find our unique evergreen templates - think of these as your tailored blueprint for converting leads into sales. They're meticulously designed and ready for easy upload into your account, a plug-and-play solution for immediate results.
Alongside these, we've assembled a library of step-by-step instructional videos, akin to your private business tutor. These videos clarify the process and eliminate guesswork, ensuring you have clear, easy-to-follow guides at your fingertips.
We've also included detailed checklists, your business lifeline, that ensure no detail is overlooked. They systematically guide your process, keeping you on track every step of the way.
To demystify any tech-related hurdles, we offer comprehensive tech demos. These make understanding and implementing new technologies as simple as ABC.
Because creating copy can be intimidating AF, you have the opportunity to submit assets to review WEEKLY.
AND should you need mindset or somatic support, sales strategy, or social media guidance - there are three coaching calls every month with myself, and three (one weekly) with my resident experts on embodied leadership, sales and social media.
In a nutshell, our solution is a tailored, comprehensive package designed to lighten your workload and accelerate your business growth. We're not just providing tools; we're paving your pathway to success.

It is as simple as:
  1. Create or upgrade your group programme
  2. Low key live launch it
  3. Automate your funnel
  4. Watch the sales close

The detailed breakdown

Your profitable group programme

This is our initial push, where we upgrade your existing programme or model your expertise into a niche framework via a powerful blend of sales psychology and exceptional client delivery practises. The goal here is simple - elevate your offer for evergreen (so that it’s an offer that sells itself). Remember, just because it sold as part of a live launch doesn’t mean it will sell evergreen. (This has a beautiful side effect of getting previous “nos” to reconnect with and buy your offer).

Build a lead gen/nurture strategy

After we've re-engaged your existing customer base, the next step is to ensure that no new lead falls through the cracks. Our lead gen and nurture strategy is designed to reach ready-to-buy ideal clients. Imagine a world where you can significantly improve your mailing list size, engagement, and conversions, and drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend feeling like you’re winging it on social media. That's precisely what this step offers.

Launch and

To ensure your sales pipeline never runs dry, we help you build a simple lead generation funnel. With this funnel, we ensure your business keeps attracting fresh, high-quality leads. This is the future of your business – an automated, efficient, and productive model that gives you the freedom to focus on the strategic growth of your business.
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Why you should do this now

Entrepreneurship is not for the procrastinators. Fortune favours the brave - and being brave means taking action. Adopt my winning evergreen strategy today and the sooner you'll witness your business blossom. The best part? You can achieve this without having to gamble a fortune on ads or hiring a big team. I know you want it, the question is, are you ready to take the aligned action to achieve it?

Investment, Etc, Details / Review

Typically, my high-value, business-transformation programme comes at a reasonable price of £10.8k (for 10 months). But, I am looking for 5-8 business owners to join us on this 90 day journey... for you, the programme is just £3,333 + VAT (monthly payment plan of £1,111 + VAT is available too).

This limited offer is akin to finding a diamond in a sandbox. We have only 5 - 8 seats available on this high-value journey. It’s first-come, first-served, so don't be the slow snail. Grab your seat now and get ready for a breathtaking journey to uncharted business territories.
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